Handcrafted Wedged Singlecut

Rs. 8,499.00

The Signature Singlecut is the most loved stye of SVED as it bridges the gap between formal and casual wear seamlessly to create a unique and modern identity of its own.

The Signature Singlecut stands out due to its wholecut upper which is one uncut piece of premium suede leather which retains its natural softness and all of its tensile strength. The leather upper is stitched down to the wedged Argentinian sole which increases the life and comfort of the shoes manifold.

The “hand’s feel” Nappa leather lining ensures the shoes breathe and mitigate foot fatigue and odor.

The pair is handcrafted from scratch once the order is placed hence it takes 1-2 weeks and SVED’s experienced craftsmanship to create the pair. The SVED Signature Singlecuts are for those who are looking for a high quality versatile, sleek and sturdy pair with all day comfort.